For the youngest

Yoga for parents and children between 6wks and 18months.

This helps to rebuild your core strength as well as relieving neck and shoulder tensions. All while you interact with your child in a supportive environment. Post-natal classes give new mums the chance to make a gradual transition back to regular exercise / yoga practice. Both mums & dads are welcome!

Mums & Tots

Especially designed for mothers and small toddlers, to help lose a few pounds, shape the belly area and strengthen the arms and back. All done in the presence of your own baby, with like-minded mums to share your experiences with. Classes recommended for mums and tots, no earlier than 6-8 weeks after childbirth (no earlier than 12 weeks following a caesarean section). You are encouraged to bring your child's blanket and some toys.

Yoga for Children (4-10yrs)

Ever wondered what would happen if your children channelled their exuberance and energy, before it bubbled over like a fizzy drink? Kids' yoga will give them the chance to learn how in a fun and imaginative way.
Children are natural yoginis who can easily bend their legs around the neck and sit in the full lotus position! Unfortunately, as they get older, they lose their flexibility and so the classes aim to teach children in a fun way, to practice the basic asanas, whilst learning the names and the respective body parts concerned. Yoga will teach them balance, concentration, attentiveness whilst building their strength and flexibility in a non-competitive environment. Each class is different, since the teacher follows the children's' creativity.

Gordon's music activity

Children's musical talent is innate; however the environment also has a huge impact on this matter. Children up to 1 year of age are able to differentiate musical sounds from non musical ones. This is also the time the child absorbs the most. Never again will he/she be able to listen as effectively!

Up to 18 months of age the child sings/babbles spontaneously and in parallel he/she develops the first speech together with musical skills. Therefore the first few years of a child's life (including prenatal period) are crucial in forming and shaping the language of music!

Gordon's music method is very similar to the way we learn how to speak. Parents can observe an increased fluidity of speech and better diction. In addition, it is easier for children to concentrate and focus their attention for longer periods of time, which will be very beneficial for their intellectual development. Children who attend music classes by Theory Edwin Gordon, before starting their education, shown greater rhythmic and melodic vocabulary, as well as coordination of the body to work with music.